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Students Feedback

Tahir Nadem (University of Gloucestershire, U.K)

Highly Professionals, Trained & Educated staffs I received excellent services and got my result on time, great help to enhance my future career. Thanks' "Future Secure Consultant Ltd.

Muqadas Fatima (University of Gloucestershire,U.K)

Very well Educated and good attitude, I'll refer other my relative and friends obviously, Thanks for helping Future Secure Consultant.

Nabeel Majeed Gill ( Metro College of Management Science UK)

I'm very happy to enroll on Social & health care pregame recommended by well reputed consultant I’m feeling proud that I  choose Future Secure Consultant Ltd. This is highly confidence and well manages firm.

Mohsin Afzal (West George College, Scotland)

I recommend highly “Future Secure Consultant Ltd” to everyone willing to go abroad for higher education.

Zeeshan Gull (Middlesex University)

They are reliable, honest, best advisor, thanks FSC for my bright future.

Inamul-Ul -Haq ( Oxford College of London)

Excellent Education advisor, helped me for choosing the best option for study abroad and place leading to my bright future career.

Ayesha Jamil (3D Modern College Surrey)

British Council Trained, professional, educated and experienced education advisor helped me for meeting my future goals successfully.

Nadeem Servar Sadiquie (Middlesex University UK)

FSC’s support is really good. The members are cooperative & kind enough to guide me in a proper way.

Hafiz Abdul Samad ( Cardiff Metropolitan University Uk)

I wish to say many thanks to FSC’s specialists I really feel that I am a VIP. Their services are excellent.

Hafiz Usman ( West George College , Scotland)

I had a wonderful experience whit FSC they were professional, responded quickly and efficiently and helped figure out what I needed. They were wonderful and I recommend to everyone.

Farhad Khawer ( West George College Scotland)

Many thanks for your corporation I had found them as great advisor and also they have good experience Thanks to Future Secure Consultant ltd.

Hafiz Abdullah Akram ( Middlesex University UK)

Even people who know how to provide exceptional service sometimes need to be reminded about the basics are Future Secure Consultant Ltd who is very well guided education advisor firm.

Muhammad Sajid Ali (Cardiff Metropolitan University UK)

I certainly recommend contacting FSC for independent advice for choosing the best course & place of Education at abroad.

Shahzad Ahmed ( Oxford College of London UK)

Future Secure Consultant are divergent thinker and have the ability to come up with creative and innovative solution for higher education at abroad I strongly recommend to all.

Aniq Ahmed (Metro College of Management Science)

I just had excellent support and guidance. Great help, thanks to Future Secure Consultant.

Muhammad Javed Sultant ( AA Hamilton College London)

Had great services and support. They are very well Educated and professional Consultant, highly recommended.

Hafiz Masood Ahmed Khan (AA Hamilton College London)

Had best services I found FSC to be thoroughly reliable and trustworthy with plenty of good ideas and the ability to deliver with the best results.

Omer Gulzar Ealing Hammersmith & West London College London)

Excellent Services!  FSC are one of the most professional and disciplined research consultants I have ever seen. He always seeks to add additional values to their students; their work is of the utmost quality." Highly recommended!

Shiraz Ahmad Khan (University of Sunderland, U.K)

Very well guided through the whole process of my admission at University of Sunderland, and visa application, received very good services with excellent results, their advice been very helpful to me all the way and like to recommend to all students willing to go abroad for their higher education.

Naveed Mustaqeem Gloucestershire University U.K)

Received great support and guidance, highly recommended to all.

Mujeeb Ahmad ( AA Hamilton College U.K)

I Had great services and guidance. They are very well Educated and British Council Trained professional Consultant, highly recommended to all.

Muhamad Alyas Afzal (Wets George College Scotland)

 Very well guided British council Trained Staff FSC have with best services available for international students.

Shoaib Ahmad (University of Bolton U.K)

I'd certainly recommend contacting Hedley for independent advice for improving performance in all education counseling

Irfan Ahmad (Imperial College U.K)

Highly Professionals, Trained & Educated staffs, received Excellent services and got my visa on time, great help to enhance my future career.  Highly recommended to all students Thanks' "Future Secure Consultant Ltd."

Hamza Gull ( AA Hamilton College U.K)

Thanks for FSC’s kinds support which was very helpful for me!

Ijaz Ahmad ( Cardiff Metropolitan University)

FSC’s support was very helpful to meet criteria of my admission and visa application Excellent advise and services I had ever!

Muhammad Zeeshaan (Gloucestershire University UK)

After FSC’s advice I must say they are reliable education consultant and I strongly recommend to everyone.

Imran Iqbal (Oxford College of London)

I got my admission arranged and visa application process was made smoothly with the impressive way its all because of Future Secure Consultant Ltd who are very professional with their services.

Waseem Ashraf (University of Gloucestershire U.K)

Best Education Counseling advisor I have experienced in my life, great help with the services provided by FSC on my admission in UK for completing the Master degree from Gloucestershire successfully and must recommend to every one.

Zubair Khalil (Motherwell College Scotland)

I just had excellent support and guidance. Great help, thanks to Future Secure Consultant.

Anwaar hussain ( Motherwell College Scotland)

Thanks for FSC’s kinds support & professional guidance which was very helpful for me!

Ather Hafez Glasgow Caledonian University Scotland)

Really happy to get support from FSC. They are savior, their steps were well presented. Thanks a lot for awesome help “FSC Ltd.

Abdullah Kaleem (Anglia Ruskin University UK)

Its been a great experience while dealing with Future Secure Consultant, they guided me about my career and provided excellent services beyond my expectations. I must recommend to everyone.

Mehwish ( UK Settlement Visa )

Outstanding experience with FSC.

They help us a lot to apply for my settlement visa in UK with my children for joining my husband, great help received to fulfill my dreams for visiting UK. 

Tahira Usman ( U.K settlement Visa)

Great Services received from FSC helped to complete my settlement visa application for joining my husband successfully, very well guided with positive outcome.

Ali Hassan (Georgian College, Canada)

The best services I received from Future Secure Consultant the staff of FSC is very co-operative as well as trained professional education consultants.

They helped me to find the best institution in Canada for my higher education and through all the process succesfully. I would like to recommend them to all prospective students.

Thanks to FSC.

Arbaz Ahmed Bhatti (Hunan Normal University, China)

We had very nice experience with FSC. They provided us the best guidance and counselling services for choosing the right institution in China to complete my MBBS program.

Great job done by FSC; I must recommend them to everyone.

Nabeel Latif (Hunan University of TCM, China)

I had a very nice experience with Future Secure Consultant.

Thanks alot!

Kamran Yaqub (University of Worcester, UK)

Initially my visa was refused by UKVI but the way FSC challeneged the decision by putting an appeal with UKVI and turning their decision in my favour was really something I was not expecting!

Fantastic job done by FSC!

Numan Ahmed Bilal (Mesoyios College, Cyprus)

My overall experience with FSC was good and I would recommend their services to every student!

Hassan Javad (Mesoyios College, Cyprus)

Great Experience

Abid Javed (Mesoyios College, Cyprus)

Their level of services was terrific! 

Thanks Future Secure Consultant.

Muhammad Danish Nawaz (Mesoyios College, Cyprus)

Great services provided by FSC for my Study Abroad dream and they helped me turn my dream into reality

Bilal Mazhar (Hunan Normal University, China)

Everything was excellent.
Consultancy was very good.
They guided me very well for my interview.
I got X1 visa to study in China.
Thank you FSC.

Luqman Ahmed Mubashir (Polytechnic University of Coimbra, Portugal)

Great services provided by FSC for my admission in Portugal!

They helped me get my visa approved within 2.5 Months.

Khadim Hussain Virk (Visit Visa, Canada)

My son Ali Hassan went to Canada through FSC for study and after successfully completing his education he invited me to his graduation ceremony for which I took the services of FSC and they helped me secure 4 years multiple visit visa to Canada.