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Study in Canada

  • Canadian universities offer high-quality education and are very well respected around the world.
  • A well-defined Career pathway and a better lifestyle.
  • Canadians place a high value on their natural environment
  • In Canada, the provinces and territories are responsible for all levels of education including colleges and universities
  • Educational standards are excellent with a stimulating academic background.
  • Canada has one of the highest rates of postsecondary-education completion in the world.
  • A degree from a Canadian university holds substantial prestige, thus making Canada a primary target for many international students
  • University degrees are offered at three successive levels- bachelor’s masters and doctoral.
  •  Bachelor’s degree normally require three or four years of full- time study, depending on the province.
  • An honors bachelor’s degree involves a higher degree of concentration in the major subjects as well as higher level of academic achievement, and in some cases, an additional year of study.
  • A master’s degree typically requires two years of study after completion of either a general or an honors baccalaureate program
  • Virtually all Canadian universities are public institutions, which is the main difference between Canadian and American universities.
  • Canada student visa is usually needed for programs that are longer than 6 months.

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