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Future Secure Consultant

Trained British Council & ICEF Approved Agency

Future Secure Consultant Services

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Future Secure Consultant Ltd offers study abroad and
Immigration counselling services for UK, Europe, USA and
Australia and Canada.

Whatever is the interest area of your study like MBA, Engineering, Hospitality and tourism, Medicine, Health Care, Computing and IT, Business studies & Management, Undergraduate & Postgraduate study, Professional Qualifications, English language courses etc: you can find all kinds of courses from more than 1300 institutes from UK. There are 116 universities and around 1200 sponsors registered licensed colleges which impart high quality education and world recognized qualification.

From more than 2000 Education Institutions in UK, Australia, Republic of Ireland and Canada who are leading worldwide Education Providers. It means you can save a great deal of time and tuition fee and living costs. You can also start working faster once you have obtained your qualification.

As per UK work regulations, as an international student, you can work 20 hours per week during term time and 40 hours or unlimited in vacation if y are studying with higher  education institution. 

UK education has a high reputation in overall world.